2010-2013 RELEASES4

2010 to 2013 Releases

star spangled banana

Pebbles 2000

Release Date: 12th Nov 2013

Format: LP / CD

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT025 / CD




Whoa! Daddy-o! Here's some 100% hi-octane grooviness!!! Agitated is pleased to announce release of the long awaited debut album from these pioneers of the happening sound soon to be known to the masses as BUBBLEGRUNGE! Yes, believe it! Dirty amps tweaked to a happenin’ rhythm and floorshaking beat, eviscerating the soul of your tired and over-referenced Nuggets comps and bustin’ you loose with some wild grunt and grind! The songs may be familiar, but you will be too furiously wigging out to even care who or what wrote them in the first place! It's an ever-lovin' tribute to the bubblegum greats of yore! The Beatles! The Monkees! Paul Revere! Tommy James! Flipper! And more!

“Probably the Koolest thing that’s ever happened on this planet!”

500 Banana yellow vinyl LPs with a free CD of the musick.



1. Let Me!

2. I can Only Give You Everything

3. Save my Soul

4. Let's Talk About Girls

5. Hanky Panky

6. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone

7. Circle Sky

8. Goody Goody Gumdrops

9. 1.2.3. Red Light

10. Surfer George

11. I Wanna Be Your Man

12. Why Don't We Do It In The Road?

13. Sex Bomb

14. You Can't Do That

15. Buzzsaw

16. Bonus Track






carlton melton

Always Even

Release Date: 20th Sept 2013

Format: LP / CD

Genre: Psychedelic / Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT024 / CD

Limited to: 1000 copies



5 great new tracks from Carlton Melton. Always Even is available on CD or LP (green or black vinyl) + Poster.

Quietus Review: When I was growing up I was lucky enough to have bedroom curtains decorated with stars, planets and other astronomical prettiness. It gave me a glimpse into the galaxy that I was otherwise denied by light pollution, not owning a telescope, and being too lazy to do a paper-round in order to buy myself a telescope. Now that I am a (barely functional, almost wholly inadequate) adult male, our sensible bedroom is furnished with a large, plain, pitch-black blind which can be raised and lowered by a dangling parallel drawstring like an agonisingly slow guillotine. During my frequent bouts of anxiety-induced insomnia, that blind just loves to stare down at me doing its finest impression of a giant blank gravestone or an intimidating portal to black-hole oblivion or the ultimate sodding Rothko.
Instead, Carlton Melton have now lunged in the opposite direction. At only five tracks (just two exceeding the nine-minute mark) and with a total running time of thirty-eight minutes….Even so, it is a far more delectable palate-cleanser than most groups could serve from their audio freezer. Drumless opener 'Slow Wakes' eases us in with its mellow Funkadelic noodling and serene synthesiser drones. This makes way for 'Keeping On'. The guitars here are far crunchier, the synths engaged in jittering oscillated Moog-ery. They're backed (just as Wooden Shjips always are) by a practical, no-nonsense drumbeat. The track also includes some pleasingly sharp shards of feedback and, towards the end, a lead guitar part which flies backwards past satellites wearing an unhinged jetpack. Re-banishing the percussion, 'Spiderwebs' consists of a gentle, primitive refrain plucked over abstract washes of astral splodge.
The two best and (not coincidentally) longest tracks take up side two. First is 'Sarsen', a warmly fuzzed motorik space-Kraut groove decorated with android birdsong, blasts of gonzoid soloing, and a hip false ending; a kosmische stroll that Circle, Hawkwind, Faust or Gnod would all be equally proud of. 'The Splurge' is, well, splurgier. It's a looser, more clankingly industrial, chaotically lumbering affair, like Glenn Branca, dressed as the Tin Man, toppling up one of Esher's staircases.
So, I could say that Carlton Melton are among the finest purveyors of out-there psych-rock currently spellbinding audiences into deep, trippy hypnosis. I could say that, notwithstanding its relative brevity, Always Even is further proof of their remarkable heady abilities.
Or I could just say this: Always Even will make a grown man type the words 'space curtains' into the eBay search box.



1. Slow Wake

2. Keeping On

3. Spiderwebs

4. Sarsen

5. The Splurge






straight arrows

It's Happening

Release Date: 25th July 2013

Format: LP / CD

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT021 / CD




Straight Arrows is the pet project of Sydney suburbanite Owen Penglis, who linked up with musicians Alex Grigg, Angela Bermuda and Adam Williams to record a debut, ‘It’s Happening’,on exclusively vintage gear for that authentically nasty, garage-rock sound. After the record’s release in Australia in 2010, it’s no surprise to learn that Penglis produced a 40th anniversary tribute to Lenny Kaye’s ‘Nuggets’ compilation with fellow luminaries of the Sydney and Brisbane garage rock scenes. Now ‘It’s Happening’ is up for release in the UK on 24th June, and we’ve a first taster from the album for you to hear in ‘Something Happens’, a typically headlong, no-frills slice of throwback punk that may or may not explain why the band seem to be living in a garden shed devoted to the occult.



1. Bad Temper

2. It Begins.

3. Magic Septre

4. Mind Control

5. Gone.

6. Something Happens

7. It Happens Again

8. From the Start (Get it)

9. Haunted Out

10. Golden Torch

11. Running Wild






the icarus line

Slave Vows

Release Date: 1st July 2013

Format: LP / CD

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT022 / CD




Post-hardcore Los Angeles four-piece The Icarus Line have announced that they'll be releasing their new album Slave Vows on July 1.

It's their fifth album, and was recorded at frontman and, for the first time on record, guitarist, Joe Cardamone's Valley Recording Company in Burbank, California.

The text accompanying the announcement states: "It distils The Icarus Line’s past, present and future into 8 tracks and 45 minutes of profoundly uncompromised rock & roll hurtling from the malevolent glower of opener ‘Dark Circles’, to the slow, corrosive ooze of ‘Marathon Man’, to the savage explosion of ‘Dead Body’, to the Sabbath-plays-Funkadelic writhe of ‘Rat’s Ass'."

The record's driven by Cardamone's view of the current rock scene, of which he says: “Rock’n’roll has been turned into this, like, Mötley Crüe charade, a parade of fucking dicks. It’s the 80s again. It’s crazy how everything I love has been driven back into the underground. That’s where we came from, and that’s where we’ve ended up, and anything else good is back down there too.”

Talking about the album, he adds: “In previous years I’ve put out records that have been too long, because I’ve been working on them for like four fuckin’ years, and I’ve imagined it’s probably the last one I’ll ever do, so I just put everything on there. But at this point in my life, I don’t really give a fuck anymore. I know I’m gonna make records for as long as I’m alive, so I’m not as precious any more, I don’t care. This thing only exists so we can be happy and do something that matters to us, and to the people who need this as much as we do.”




1. Dark Circles

2. Dont Let Me Save Your Soul

3. Marathon Man

4. Dead Body

5. No Money Music

6. City Job

7. Laying Down For The Man

8. Rat's Ass








Deep Thuds


Release Date: June 2013

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT023CD




yes! Agitated Records gets to reissue its favourite (non Agitated) release of 2012, on CD for the world... LP still available... one of the ALBUMS of 2012...tune in folks, it will shake your booty!!! 4/5 GUARDIAN REVIEW LAST WEEK///YES, ONE OF OUR ALBUMS OF 2012 JUST GOT THAT BIT MORE DESIRED....NOW REPRESSED IN BIGGER QUANTITY, AND AT A LOWER DEALER PRICE IN A PROPER CARD SLEEVE, NOT FOLD AROUND SCREEN PRINT. ONE OF OUR ALBUMS OF THE YEAR!!! Debut LP from SPACIN', the newly formed Philadelphia act that's bringing together kick-flippers, arm-wrestlers, and hackey-sackers in head-nodding, beer swilling unity. Inhales the same fumes that fuel the Velvets workout at the gymnasium, the Stooges sleazy-fuzz with Asheton on guitar, and the groovy zen of Nigeria '70. “The first pearl bestowed upon us in the form of a side project from Philadelphia’s finest gnarled-out Psych trio BIRDS OF MAYA was guitarist Mike Polizzes’ Purling Hiss, and now we have bass player JASON KILLINGER with his very killer and very screwy new project, SPACIN’. Originally a basement-only solo thing consisting of Killinger playing guitar through a pyramid of amps accompanied by a drum machine, Spacin’ has started to squeak itself above ground and into the barrooms of the city with a fully functioning lineup. The dude doesn’t even need the drum machine anymore; he’s got his wife EVA pounding the skins! Sneak previews of their upcoming debut full-length Deep Thuds, shows a unit who knows the economic gain to be had from a good, hypnotic riff. For those who have ever gotten lost for days in the strains of the Velvet Undergrounds’ ‘Sister Ray,’ Jonathan Richmans’ ‘Roadrunner,’ Hawkwinds’ ‘Silver Machine’ or even Deep Purples’ ‘Space Truckin,’’ repeated listening to Spacin’ is required in excessive doses.”—Tony Rettman (Philadelphia Weekly)




1. Empty Mind

2. Some Future Burger

3. Wrong Street

4. Chest of Steel

5. Oh, Man

6. Sunshine No Shoes

7. Ego - Go







carlton melton (record store day 2013)

Live - Europe '12 (CLEAR VINYL)

Release Date: 20th April 2013

Format: LP x 2

Genre: Psychedelic / Rock

Cat. Number: CONVOLUTED02

Limited to: 500 copies




On clear / splatter vinyl. 300 copies for Europe / UK sale only. Carlton Melton toured the UK in support of their 2012 album PHOTOS OF PHOTOS, three sides of this album were recorded in Belgium, and side 4 is a live cover version of “Time We Left this World Today” (Hawkwind) recorded at Hebden Bridge.





Various Artists (record store day 2013)

Negative Waves (CASSETTE)

Release Date: 20th April 2013

Format: Cassette

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT013MC

Limited to: 150 copies




Seven furious breakers crashing on your shores. Surfs up! A compilation of primo oz scree put together for Agitated by Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) feat: Eddy Current Supression Ring, Royal Headache, Stabs, Frowning Clouds + more! Limited x150 cassette only for RSD '13. Full package coming later in the year. Grab your board & ride the tube! Strewth!!





the scientists (record store day 2013)


Release Date: 20th April 2013

Format: LP

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT017

Limited to: 500 copies




500 copies on Pink vinyl for RSD 2013. Reissue of the 1979 debut album by Australia’s Scientists, this was to be the last release by this Scientists line up, more in the vein of the New York Dolls / Heartbreakers / Ramones, this is killer pop, with a punk snarl… songs like “That Girl”, and “Teenage Dreamer”, make this a must have!!!




alien Ballroom (KOOLAID)


Release Date: 19th Nov 2012

Format: 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT020

Limited to: 500 copies



Say hello to The Alien Ballroom, the combination previously known as Koolaid (Global Tyranny). "Huh?" you may think, "What has happened to Koolaid???" Let's be perfectly clear about this: there is a current market glut of "koolaids". The group, therefore, have sensibly altered their nomenclature and are henceforth known as The Alien Ballroom....the mystrionic Alien Ballroom plant their seeds and pitch their balls on the lush interzone betwixt the vintage and the cutting-edge to create a seven song album that fuses Atomic Age pop foppery with Neolithic year-zero sanguinity. Aficionados of their previous releases will find much to enjoy in this new recording - or perhaps they won't. Frankly, it vexes the band not. Of course, we really should have made some mention that this album is "song based" and not just relentless "space-rock-riff-battery" - is it as weird and leftfield as the Koolaid album? Probably not ...or maybe it is. Very different but very similar perhaps – we will leave it up to you.

7 tracks on 12" vinyl! comes with a DL postcard..you can actually see members of the band in song making pose on the sleeve...

Side one, is one long track that pretty much sets out the M.O from the get go.. you will shake, you will shiver, you will want to play it over and over and over to work out why it has taken over your life..but look out, theres 6 tracks on the other side that will equally blast your mind.. heres the rub, its NOTHING like the Koolaid 12", but really, its just like the Koolaid 12"... we could list a load of bands you might like also..but thats irrelevant.. its loud, its nasty, it will make you dance oddly, you will go and see them play live.... Piccadily Records, 2012

500 copies only.




1. The New Revelation

2. Banks of The Dee

3. Hogs Are Coming

4. Street Beacon

5. Instant K

6. Ringstone Round

7. Forty Ton Rock





Release Date: 12th Nov 2012

Format: CD/12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT019/CD

Limited to: 500 copies



Axis is Mugstar’s long awaited fifth full length album - an expansive collection of songs that take the listener on a journey. The destination is not important it’s all about the journey - travelling through different movements, diverse colours and sounds picking up from where Lime left us in August 2011. From the dark brooding (‘Black Fountain’) to the elevating (‘Tangerina’), the cylindrical (‘Axis Modulator’) and the sonic mantra (‘Upturnsidedown’)

Axis showcases a more diverse MUGSTAR whilst retaining their unmistakeable sonic wall of sound. Albeit mainly instrumental, theres a real psychedelic groove that emanates from the kraut-rock inspired sounds of this record, it will shake you down in the same way the first time you copped earfuls of Oneida, Neu!, Loop, Wooden Shjips, Bardo Pondo and even a puff of Hawkwind.




1. Black Fountain

2. Upturnsidedown

3. Tangerina

4. Hollow Ox

5. Axis Modulator

6. Vehicles of Spain

7. In Earth



carlton melton

Photos of Photos

Release Date: 24th Sept 2012

Format: CD & 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT018/CD/X

Limited to: 1000 copies



On their third album, Carlton Melton elevates their organic, improvised psych-jams to the sonic plane befitting the geodesic dome in which it was recorded, pulverizing all psychedelic hypno-drone that has come before.

Mastered and featuring John McBain (Monster Magnet, Well Water Conspiricy) Photos of Photos sees Carlton Melton take their organic improvised psych-jam to the highest sonic plane befitting the geodesic dome in which it was recorded and pulverizing the psychedelic hypno-drone that has come before. Photos of Photos is a testament of Carlton Melton’s ability to bottle and hone their craft with sincerity – from the lush pastoral sonics of ‘Nor’ Easter’ and title track, ‘Photos of Photos’ the smoldering gargantuan riffs of ‘Space Treader’ and the synth drones and spare rhythms of LP closer ‘Wingspan’. Carlton Melton meld -what could be a heavy indecipherable psychedelic mess - into something louder, more uncompromising and more coherent: 'Melton’s Magick Karpet ride’.

Bonus tracks (available on download) - featuring McBain on guitar/synth/ echoplex - include the full 23 minute psychedelically enhanced drone ‘Adrift’ that peaks and dips as the title suggests and ‘Smoke Drip’ sounds exactly how you imagine a song called ‘Smoke Drip’ to sound. And that is exactly what Photos of Photos is about: the SOUND, the VIBE, a new age drifting, unchartered, across a sonic expanse.

For Fans of: Bardo Pond, Monster Magnet- Tab, Hawkwind - Warrior At The Edge of Time, Parson Sound, The Heads, Clark:Hutchinson - A=MH2.




1. Nor' Easter

2. Photos of Photos

3. Space Treader

4. Wingspan


Bonus tracks on CD & Download

5. Adrift (Full)

6. Smoke Drip


Tracks on bonus 12" (AGIT018X only)

1. The One That Got Away (John McBain 15 minute Remix)

2. When You're In (Live @ Roadburn 2011 - 16 minute version




howlin rain

When The Morning Comes / Collage (Demo)

Release Date: 5th Sept 2012


Genre: Classic Rock

Cat. Number: IMSO006

Limited to: 1000 copies




Limited edition tour only 7" for the upcoming Howlin Rain tour, a-side is a great cover of the Grateful Dead song "Till The Morning Comes", b-side is demo version of the album track "Collage", itself a cover of a classic James Gang track..

Only 1000 made, 500 clear blue vinyl, 500 clear vinyl...



1. When The Morning Comes

2. Collage (Demo)




birds of maya

Ready To Howl

Release Date: 3rd Sept 2012

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT016CD




Agitated is super chuffed to be handling the CD reissue of this monster... Over the past few months and years, dropouts all over the world have been nodding out to the amped up riffing of PURLING HISS & the economical chuga- lug zen of SPACIN'. But only the most committed seekers have been privy to the roaring big bang that started it all: BIRDS OF MAYA.

They're a locked-in dynamo that gets real, real gone at the strike of the first note that needs to be seen to be believed. But as the Birds rarely (very, very rarely) perform outside of their North Philadelphia neighborhood, Ready To Howl will have to suffice. Formed in 2002, BIRDS OF MAYA is the finest meat n' potatoes neanderthal rock group operating in the world today, and they're undoubtedly the outfit most committed to creating throbbing, thoroughly relentless, blues-based hard rock.

On Ready To Howl, astute listeners will note nods to the fried power-rock of Split-era Groundhogs or the relentless garage mayhem of High Rise recorded under claustrophobic sub-Funhouse decadence. Anyone with ears will hear fried-Hendrixisms all over this thing. It was the most ambitious TestosterTunes release to date: a 3-song, double-LP by the three men of Philadelphia's BIRDS OF MAYA. Called Ready To Howl and it's the soundtrack to an upcoming feature length film of the same name. Ready To Howl, the film, deals with one dude's struggles in-and outside of polite society.

According to the producer, "the order of events is something like... getting off of work, partying, a parking lot bottle fight with a marine, driving drunk, the purchase of a deadly snake for purposes of revenge, hitchhiking, off road driving, car accident, the folly of vindictiveness, and finally a physical and metaphorical ascent to the highest point of the mountain." The soundtrack follows the same line, with album sides tracking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The CD version features the 3 tracks of the 2LP in unedited for vinyl length, no splits in the songs for you to get up and turn the record over...turn it UP!!!




1. Ready To Howl

2. Untitled II (With Harmonica Dan)

3. Heavy On Sunday

4. Porch Dude

5. Untitled I (With Harmonica Dan)






carlton melton

Smoke Drip

Release Date: 25th June 2012

Format: CD

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT015




Superb avant-psyche drone from Carlton Melton, who are joined on all three lengthy tracks by legendary top psychonaut John McBain. An aural trip to the third eye!

Limited edition 3 track 12" from Carlton Melton, side one is "Adrift", a 19 minute psychedelically enhanced drone that peaks and dips like the most tripped out journey... once again recorded at the Dome, Carlton Melton take their organic psych-jam to the highest plane.

On the flip are two more tracks that further the 'Melton's Magick Karpet ride.. "Smoke Drip" is exactly how you imagine a song called that might sound... and "Against The Wall" also hammers home their righteous blend of aural delight.

Fans of Bardo Pond, The Heads, Bong etc take note... 500 only / 200 only for UK.

On Clear vinyl wrapped in a sweet sleeve and an inner bag...




1. Adrift

2. Smoke Drip

3. Against The Wall





Ad Marginem

Release Date: 11th June 2012

Format: 12" + DVD

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT014

Limited to: 500 copies



Ad Marginem' began life as a collaboration between filmmaker Liam Yates and Mugstar, created outside a traditional framework whereby a filmscore is added to a completed film. Members of the band were equal partners in writing, directing, editing as well as acting; the on screen drama was shaped to complement the musical form.

'Ad Marginem' is both tightly controlled and claustrophobic; though is not without a supersonic, dark and dense explosiveness, echoing Slint and Pink Floyd. Visually, the stark black and white photography of the cover pays homage to classic world cinema. The entire project (interiors and exteriors) was filmed within a stone's throw of the coast and contrasts post-industrial urban landscapes with some of the most beautiful Merseyside locations: the Sefton coast of Liverpool Bay and Hilbre Island, where the Dee Estuary meets the Irish Sea. A tale of obsession and betrayal, it takes as a theme physical and social marginality: a cult on the margins of society, a man on the margins of the cult.

In case you’ve not heard of them before, Mugstar ((Peter Smyth - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals; Neil Murphy - Guitar, Flute, Viola; Jason Stoll - Bass, Saxophone; Steve Ashton - Drums, Percussion)) are an instrumental rock band all the way from Liverpool, influenced by krautrock, Pink Floyd, Neu!, Sonic Youth and Oneida.





1. Rite I

2. Memorial

3. Island Red

4. Death Hunter

5. Memorial Recaptulation

6. Inquistion

7. Rite II




icarus line

Live In London

Release Date: 7th May 2012

Format: 12"

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: CONVOLUTED1

Limited to: 100 copies




The Icarus Line, a proper rock and roll gang, led by the fearsome Joe Cardamone, toured the UK in October 2011 in support of their Wildlife album. With stand in drummer Sammy as their drummer quit just before boarding the plane!! they slammed it, this was feral rock and roll grime, even original bass player Lance Arnao was back in the fold, someone recorded the London show.. and here it is, pressed on some limited edition vinyl..raw, bleeding, and a good indication of how the Icarus Line are...oh yes.. 100 copies only for the UK.



1. King Baby

2. Venomous

3. Badbloods

4. No Lords

5. Venemous

6. We Sick

7. It's Alright

8. Kingdom

9. Junkadelic

10. Slow Death






the scientists


Release Date: 4th April 2012

Format: 7"

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: IMSO007

Limited to: 500 copies



As if 2011 couldnt get topped for Agitated, we only went and got the second 7" release from the Scientists to reissue for 2012: this 4 track S/T EP from the second Scientists line up feats the classic pop snarl of "Last Night", "Pissed On Another Planet", "Bet Ya Lyin" and "It's For Real"; Proper primal thump pushing this glam scuzz, amazing, and we still cant believe we got to put it out...

We sold out 500 on Red Vinyl for RSD 2012...sure, we had 1000 sleeves, so, we've filled em with BLACK VINYL!!! Classic single people!!!




1. Bet Ya Lyin (Slink City Lee)

2. I'ts For Real

3. Last Night

4. Pissed On Another Planet



howlin rain

The Russian Wilds

Release Date: 12th Mar 2012

Format: CD

Genre: Classic Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT012CD




Howlin Rain emerged in 2004 from the incendiary embers of San Francisco's underground noise-psych legends Comets on Fire. A rag-tag trio of soulful chooglin' and fuzz-box triumph, the band forged their own trails into the Cosmic California sound with their 2006 self-titled debut on Birdman Records. Within a year, just before the release of their second album, Magnificent Fiend, producer Rick Rubin signed them to his American Recordings label. Between 2006 and 2009, the group toured the US and Europe extensively with The Black Crowes, Queens of The Stone Age, Black Mountain and Mudhoney-not to mention legends and Howlin Rain faves Terry Reid and Roky Erickson. Under Rubin's guidance, The Russian Wilds took nearly three years to complete, and the long, strange trip is engrained in every moment of its 61-minute rock 'n' roll journey.

Frontman Ethan Miller delivers literary-lyrical meditations on loss, sorrow and redemption above a dynamic din of deep grooves, soaring harmonies and blazing fuzz guitars, and the album's breadth and scope recalls great, sprawling albums of the late '60s and '70s like The Allmans' Live at the Fillmore East, Hendrix's Electric Ladyland, Santana's Lotus and Love's Forever Changes. At once bombastic and ethereal, The Russian Wilds stands on its own dark mountain in today's musical landscape.




1. Self Made Man

2. Phantom Of The Valley

3. Can't Satisfy Me Now

4. Cherokee Werewolf

5. Strange Thunder

6. Plex Reception

7. Dark Side

8. Beneath Wild Wings

9. Collage

10. Walking Through Stone

11....Still Walking, Still Stone






precious jules


Release Date:

Format: CD

Genre: Garage Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT011CD




Tired of playing gigs alone Kim Salmon (The Scientists, Surrealists) teams up with Michael Strange (Morning After Girls) and produces a raw yet catchy sounding records.

With just Kim on guitar and Michael's fondness for the floor tom they manage he's more of an influence than some one that is influences you can still see thos album taking in elements of the New York Dolls, glam rock, punk rock and there's even perhaps a hint of the Cramps in there.

Its's hard to find anything dissappointing in there tracks. They're stripped down and raw giving the album an almost live feel and perhaps the only way you could really get an improvement of what you've got here is to hear them in a live setting. Precious Jules is one of those albums that could have been released in any year between 1975 and 2011 and still sound like it belonged there.

Most of the songs are new ones Kim and Michael have written but just to give us a taste of Kims's history we're treated to a glorious cover version of "cheap 'N' Nasty" originally by Kim's band The Cheap and Nasties back in 1977.

All in all a glorious album and worth plenty of repeated plays. I hope they decide to do some dated in the UK sometime soon.



1. The Precious Jules Theme

2. A Necessary Evil

3. The Bald Faced Truth

4. Shine Some Darkness On Me

5. The Urban Swamp

6. Seein' Spots

7. You're A Backlash

8. Cheap 'n' Nasty

9. Pearls Before Swine

10. Too Uptite

11. Listening To The Sand







Global Tyranny

Release Date: 19th Dec 2011

Format: 12" + CD

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT005

Limited to: 500 copies



So, we get a tape of this in the post, yes, a TAPE. It was pretty wild.  Then we heard nothing… a while later we get a CDR, well, two of them, some mix cassette, and a CD with some OTT modern day Pop Art sleeve design that is retina rubbling (!) and a scrawled note saying, “when you put the record out, you have to limit it to 500 LPs with a bonus free CD version that has a different mix of the music on it, NO downloads whatsoever, and while your are at it, make some giveaway cassettes up of the mixtape we sent to go with it  - the sleeve has to be wrap-around, like it could be a poster, on thicker card and full colour. We are Koolaid (Global Tyranny) on this record…send us some copies when its done….”

Well that was telling us, so we had to put the record out. We listened to the CD again; it was bonkers, some wild psychedelic noise stomping round the room, meshed with some dark samples, really heavy and LIVE drums, almost a non stop mix of edge-of-the-seat paranoiac scuzz, with loops that pulse through the entire record. Like a modern day mix of the avant pop samplings and cut-up wizardry of Negativland, the obscure fractal pop and psychedelic rock of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, some of the white hot guitar of the Stooges / Loop variety, and a primal beat /rhythm that could have been lifted from Cro-Magnon..

We started putting the RSD 2011 12” together, when another message arrived, this time the message was simpler…”when’s our LP coming out? And can you put this out too, we are Koolaid (Alien Ballroom) on this track…”, that was a crunchy, noisy version of Daft Punk’s “Da Funk”, and nothing like the album.. We put it on the RSD Agitated 12” release “I’m So Convoluted’ which also featured exclusive tracks from Carlton Melton, Mugstar, The Heads & Big Naturals. They fitted in well.. And no, we have no idea who is in the collective, band, or whatever they are or might be.. in a way, that makes this even greater….




1. 18/11

2. Inner City Firm

3. Ritual #3

4. The Process






moonpool and dead band


Release Date: 19th Dec 2011

Format: 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT003

Limited to: 700 copies



Five tracks of post apocalyptico techno from Urban Americanica fore runners MOON POOL & DEAD BAND. Detroit, Michigan being the birthing place for this, Moon Pool & Dead Band, A duo who deal in old school DIY tweaked and bleaked techno ideal that assimilates the dystopian furies oft found amongst some of the master-works of John Carpenter to a no-future groove. Moon Pool & Dead Band is DAVID SHETTLER and NATE YOUNG (WOLF EYES). “It is all analog synth, real drums and whatever.. played live=no overdubs, make no mistake this is syncopated synthesizer music or Detroit Techno....Dance music" ---Nate Young Amazing sleeve art...see to believe! 700 only.





1. Inches Of Mercury

2. Recycling Concept

3. Subterraneans

4. The Creaction

5. Inches (Over-Space)



carlton melton / bardo pond

Slow Growth / Fallen

Release Date: 5th Dec 2011

Format: 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT009

Limited to: 500 copies



An epic two track (and 40 minutes!) from two of the modern psychedelic underground's greats.

The legendary Bardo Pond spoon out the molasses with the an expansive droned psych thrum, helmed by some driving rhythms, the power, the loud with 'Fallen'. As you are almost pummelled into nothingness, Isobel's flute and vocals come through and wash upon wash of righteous guitar sound. A sonic attack indeed.

On the flip, Agitated's flagbearers, Carlton Melton bring the magic carpet ride much higher with 'Slow Growth', a dense but much more free than their previous recordings.  Like a mv/ee saucer attack, synths lead in, the name is apt, but it builds and transforms into a drone meets new-age psychedelic haze, be careful where you sit maan! 



Side A: Bardo Pond 'Fallen'

Side B: Carlton Melton 'Slow Growth'



Serra - Distant Sun Remixes

Release Date: 28th Nov 2011

Format: 12"


Cat. Number: AGIT010

Limited to: 800 copies



this two Track EP / one track CDEP release features the remix work of Robert Hampson (Loop / Main), he has transformed 'Serra' into some 39 minute planeshifting kosmische epic.

The first 19 or so minutes (side One on the vinyl) pulse with some fizzing electrical energies that evoke obscurio Kraut rock demo tapes from the mid 70s, the sail by, and then the second part (side Two on the vinyl) the beats, the rhythms they subside into some early (early!) Tangerine Dream-esque ambient but not ambient soundscapes, wholly immersive, wholly essential. Both "sides" combined as the whole "piece" on the CD version.

The vinyl cut is deep, the pressing is in Germany (natch), and will be on clear green vinyl in a clear plastic bag, limited to 800 copies for sale only.




1. Serra (Distant Sun mix) 37:19





icarus line

Bad Bloods / Slow Death

Release Date: 7th Nov 2011

Format: 7" Single

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: IMSO004

Limited to: 500 copies



"What happened tonight was a great show. A great rock 'n' roll show. Sleazy, poisonous, dirty, dangerous. Rock 'n' roll….. Since their conception in 1998, The Icarus Line have been a lot of things. They've been long forgotten, oft ignored, occasionally feted. But now they're back, and they're just fucking great." Music OMH

The Icarus Line will release a double A-Side 7" featuring  a new, non-album version of 'Bad Blood' and their scuzzy cover of The Flamin' Groovies' 'Slow Death' on 7th November.

" this [is a] rather excellent new record" The Quietus

"Wildlife rocks like rock still truly matters...." **** Uncut

"The Icarus Line are going to return with a new record this year and I am over the moon. Are you? You bloody well should be" Drowned in Sound



A. Bad Bloods

B. Slow Death





Release Date: 5th Sept 2011

Format: 12"

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT008

Limited to: 800 copies



Mugstar's second album this year for the excellent Important Records finds the band continue their excellent approach to psychedlic rock, propelling them alongside contempories like Bardo Pond, Oneida, and Kinski. Revolving around locked krautrock rhythms, soaring guitars, driving riffs, and turbo-charged grooves, Mugstar start the album with a series of driving guitar licks and smudged vocals before fixing on a repetative groove on keys and drums. 'Serra', meanwhile, starts with a shimmering krautrock layer reminiscent of Neu!, quickly churned up by minimalist synth flourishes and a load of skronking from guest clarinet player Jonathan Hartley (of Clinic fame). Steve Ashton on drums and percussion adds another dimension to proceedings, and the hypnotic drums on 'Radar King' quickly interlock with the thrbbing bass of Jason Stoll while the guitars duel it out to amazing effect. The band quieten down on the final track, with fluttering synths and distant vocals providing a fitting end to an intense album full of unrelenting rhythms and driving guitars charting new territories in space-rock.




1. Sunburnt Impedance Machine

2. Serra

3. Radar King

4. Beyond The Sun


I'm so convoluted

Various Artists

Release Date: RSD 2011

Format: 12"

Genre: Various

Cat. Number: AGIT007

Limited to: 500 copies



Four exclusive tracks from Mugstar / Rituals from The Heads & Big Naturals / Carlton Melton / Koolaid all on one album, released for Record Store Day 2011.









the scientists

Frantic Romantic / Shake (Together Tonight)

Release Date: RSD 2011

Format: 7"

Genre: Rock

Cat. Number: IMSO005

Limited to: 1000 copies



A repress, repro, if you want, of one of the greatest 45rpm 7" records of all time: the debut Scientists single..."Frantic Romantic/Shake (Together Tonight). 32 years after it first came out on the DNA label from Perth/Australia, this feral stab at Punk / Power Pop still cuts deep. So, with the blessings of Kim Salmon and James Baker, Agitated is very pleased to announce this pressing: One of our all time top singles, a holy grail of 7" vinyl, the opening bars of Frantic Romantic still get the pulse racing, a proper love song, a proper snarling pop song. And the New York Dolls styled "Shake (Together Tonight)" is truly a wild rock and roll beast.... The Scientists went on to become one of most important bands of their land, inspiring many many bands. 500 clear vinyl sold out, now available on black vinyl.





A. Frantic Romantic

B. Shake (Together Tonight)



Carlton melton

Country Ways

Release Date: 25th Apr 2011

Format: CD

Genre: Psychedelic

Cat. Number: AGIT006CD




On Country Ways, Carlton Melton have managed to home in on something truly excellent….the mixing and production here is perfect. They have also achieved a restraint that was conspicuously lacking before, in the process establishing themselves as a unique new voice in psychedelic America….This is the ultimate Carlton Melton statement. Here, they are at their most unapologetically one-dimensional, with no riffs or even chord changes in sight, but just 20 minutes of blunt space rock drone. The track establishes guitarists Rich Millman and Andy Duvall as the key engineers of this ominously heavy sound, and indeed the interplay between them (one takes on layering duties, the other improvised noodling) is both tighter and more natural sounding than before.

Third track 'Harrington Fair' does persist with the hazy, distorted layering that all their compositions seem to start from, but is quickly transformed into something more arresting, and the best track on the record, by a meandering blues-based five-minute guitar solo that is a nigh-on perfect encapsulation of exactly the sort of thing Jerry Garcia was exploring on the Grateful Dead's Anthem Of The Sun, albeit with somewhat more colour and energy than the Carlton Melton way of doing things.

Country Ways only has four 'jams', but the album is padded out by three bonus tracks. 'The One That Got Away (Extended Version)' revisits a piece the band had previously released as a 7”, while 'March Of The Cicadas' features a riff suspiciously similar to 'When You're In'. That's fine though – as a seven-track release this is 74 minutes of glorious, multi-textured mud-rock, and is the finest thing Carlton Melton have yet put their name to.




1. Use Your Words

2. March Of The Cicadas (Live)

3. Country Ways

4. Night Flight

5. Harrington Fair

6. Full Moon Revisited

7. The One That Got Away (Extended Version)




precious jules

Pearls Before Swine

Release Date: 3rd Apr 2011

Format: 7"

Genre: Garage Rock

Cat. Number: IMSO003




What are these Precious Jules That all the ladies truly covert They ll lead you to your certain ruin And then think nothing of it. Dangling surreptitiously Yet somehow in your faces Deflating your economy To inflate your airs and graces What are these Precious Jules That shine so dark before us Dazzling darkness all around Only to ignore us What are these Precious Jules So idly hanging round Your Precious necks or In your ear Wishing only to be found Acceptable for come what may With come what maybe clowns Precious Jules are Kim Salmon and Mike Stranges residing in Melbourne, operating as a slick pop partnership, masquerading as a glam/punk combo, masquerading as a garage duo. Precious Jules are Pearls Before Swine backed with Chinese Rocks on 7 inches of the best use of poly vinyl chloride you are likely to encounter!




A. Pearls Before Swine

B. Chinese Rocks



sore eros

Know Touching

Release Date: 24th Jan 2011

Format: CD

Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT004




Sore Eros have crafted a record that is simultaneously dense and soothingly melodic, fulfilling the considerable promise of their debut, 2009’s "Second Chants". For this record, the band (Robert Robinson and Adam Langellotti) made a conscious departure from its debut, recording the album direct to a ½ inch 8 track reel-to-reel without the aid of computers. From this the band emerged with a record that blooms with melody and innocent joy that bring to mind such similarly spaced out artists as Atlas Sound and Kurt Vile. When patched together, this detailed attention to arrangement and dreamy melodic sensibilities combine to make "Know Touching" an effortlessly beautiful record.

'People said a lot of the songs [on Second Chants] sounded like I was singing from a room down the hall, this time we wanted it to sound like I was whispering in your ear. This began to give the record a little bit of a creepy feel, however Adam's arrangements on the record countered that creepiness with more of a playful and innocent feel'. - Robert.


Limited Bonus Disc With Initial Copies Of The CD:
More Touching
1. Sore Eros On The Radio (Live On WMUA, Amherst, MA)
2. Sweat It Out
3. I’ll Be The One
4. Touching The Ground
5. Moosebumps
6. Tongue Tied (Live On “Phoning It In”)
7. June Movement

All Songs By Sore Eros
Kurt Vile - Guitar Loop On #5
Matt Langellotti - Effects Loop On #5
Mixed By Matt Jugenheimer



1. Shake The Walls

2. Giraffe's Kiss

3. Tongue Tied

4. Make It Louder

5. Fooled Me

6. Just A Cloud

7. Pull My Hair

8. Running Down

9. Yellow Dress

10. Deep Aside

11. Levitate

12. Lay Back






carlton melton

Pass It On

Release Date: July 27th 2010

Format: CD

Genre: Psychedelic/Rock

Cat. Number: AGIT002CD




The Dreaded Press (Rock and Metal Music Webzine) by the editor 15-07-2010

Opening up with a roaring rocket-plume cover version of Pink Floyd’s “When You’re In”, Pass It On is pure space-rock psyche, recalling the classic progenitors like Hawkwind and Steve Hillage as well as the more stretched-out lava-lamp moments of more recent brain-chemistry bon-vivants….

To put it more simply, this is weed-smokin’ music at its very best, perfect for an afternoon with the windows open to the sunny sky and muted noises of the world outside, your ears full of lush sticky audio brain-treacle and your lungs full of something the government doesn’t approve of….

if you like psychedelic wig-out jams and wide-screen instrumental weirdness that layers on the effects with the proverbial builder’s trowel, then you’re gonna dig Carlton Melton‘s vibe in a big way… take a hit and Pass it on.

Full review available here.



1. When You're In

2. Found Children

3. Off The Grid

4. Diggin' In (F.F.Shite)

5. Sequoia

6. Drizzle

7. Against The Wall

8. Star Of Hazel



fresh and onlys

Impending Doom / Troubling Vision

Release Date:19th Jul 2010

Format: 7"


Cat. Number: IMSO002




Another total winner from the Agitated stable, and two blasts of wild pop from San Francisco's finest purveyors of said genre The Fresh & Onlys. It's their first UK release, and both tracks highlight the bands abilities in creating pop music thats skewed yet perfect. They blend in many sounds / influences,
immediate 'recommended if you like pointers' include Violent Femmes / 13th Floor Elevators / early 80s British indiepop / Australian underground singles from the 80s. Both tracks exclusive to this release. You will dance to this, and so will Matt Groening at ATP in May.



A. Impending Doom

B. Troubling Vision



francis harold & the holograms

Who Said These Were Happy Times

Release Date: 14th June 2010

Format: CD

Genre: Punk

Cat. Number: AGIT001CD




Drowned in Sound review by Phillip Bloomfield 8/10.
Over the course of the nine tracks that make up Who Said These Were Happy Times, Francis howls and screams, his occasionally blood curdling vocals usually drowned out by his Holograms tearing it up behind him like Flipper at their most stomach churningly intense.... a healthy dose of insanity and some filthy sounding sludge, played at breakneck speed and crushing volume…a patchwork of crippled guitar solos, mineshaft screams, jackhammer bass riffs and thundering percussion. But that's the ugly beauty of it. Phillip Bloomfield (22-06-2010), full review available here.




1. Intro/Nightmare

2. Glitter Girls

3. Chain 10

4. Black Boots, Red Shirt, Little Boys

5. I See It All

6. Why Are You So Afraid?

7. Did You Hear...

8. Mirror Of Fear Retreat



electric eels

(I'm So) Agitated / Cyclotron

Release Date: 26th Apr 2010

Format: 7"

Genre: Punk / Rock

Cat. Number: IMSO000




A special repressing of the classic debut single from the Electric Eels, in a facsimile of the original sleeve, and with 300 being pressed on red vinyl edition for Record Store Day 2010: Agitated Records was pretty much blown away when the Electric Eels camp agreed for this to happen, and thus decided it made a perfect RSD release. the single itself is 35 years old this year, and still blows away most of anything released since, the sound of amps crackling, the feral vocals, and just an attitude that few have neared. Iits possibly the most wild blast of punk rock ever, raw, visceral, its simply one of the greatest singles of all time, its what inspired the label to be called Agitated, and its by the Electric Eels, artrock meets volume and they didn't care if they accidentally invented punk rock the perfect opening to a record ever the desperate scream of desolation and desperation.. never bettered.




A. (I'm So) Agitated

B. Cyclotron



moon duo

Catch As Catch Can / Set It On Fire (Repress)

Release Date: 5th Apr 2010

Format: 7"


Cat. Number: IMSO001




Agitated's debut release is a two track stinger from Moon Duo: the A-side is blistering original, and the B-side is a take on the Scientists' classic speaker burner "Set It On Fire". They comprise of Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips) on guitars and vocals and Sanae Yamada on keyboards: they deal in a really heavy fuzzed out and krautrock driven garage sound, reference points could easily pull in some of the great ala Suicide / Loop and some of the obscure ala Red Eye / Black Eye Records canon and it has the right sound of now..Highly recommended.




A. Catch As Catch Can

B. Set It On Fire (Repress)